WeatherPrufe ELASTOCRYL™: High film build pure acrylic waterproofing compound designed to dry quickly in low temperatures.

Incorporates European technology optimizing film formation in winter conditions.


  • Adhesion Promoted Pure Acrylic binder for maximum weather resistance
  • Flexible yet non tacky film
  • High volume solids for maximum film thickness
  • Water based for environmental and applicator friendliness
  • Quicker drying time than conventional Acrylic Waterproofing products currently available in South Africa
  • Forms a paint film within 10 minutes of application
  • Can be over coated after one hour drying time

Spread Rate

On smooth sealed surfaces a spread rate of 5 sq metres per litre is obtained per coat without membrane, and 1 – 2 sq metres with membrane. 0n previously unpainted masonry substrates; the spread rate is dependant on the porosity and profile of the plaster.


This product should be applied using a good quality brush or roller. Ideally suited for use in combination with non-woven membranes - refer to our specification for instructions. Large flat sections of masonry decking can be waterproofed by rolling Elastocrylâ„¢ at a spread rate of 2 sq m per litre per coat. Ideally, WeatherPrufe Masonry Primer should be used to bind the surface before the first coat is applied.

Approved for by the Wine Industry