Weatherprufe Fungal Wash



WeatherPrufe FUNGAL WASH: A solvent free dilution of fungicidal/algaecidal disinfectants.


  • Water-based - no solvent
  • Non – flammable
  • Excellent Blend of active ingredients

Spread Rate

Amount used per square metre is dependant on the porosity of the substrate and the profile. The surface should be saturated with the product.  Typical spread rates are between 8 - 15 sq metres per litre. This should be applied with rollers, brushes or low-pressure sprayer.


Used on all substrates to sterilize fungi and algae growth. Apply one saturation coat, allowing 6 hours for the sterilization process.  After 6 hours, clean off well with clean water and scotch pads where necessary and allow drying. Additional application will be necessary in the instance of severe fungal growth. Apply a further coat to the substrate and allow drying.  This coat remains on the substrate and serves as a preventative barrier to future regrowth. Ensure the correct safety equipment is worn by the applicators. After the initial sterilization, and in severe instances, an individualized maintenance program is recommended – contact us for free consultation and program.

Approved by the Wine Industry