WeatherPrufe SOLVENT SEALER:  A solution of acrylic co-polymers designed for use on a large variety of substrates including masonry surfaces, fibre cement and wood.


The coating dries to a hard, tough yet flexible finish ideal for use on floor screeds. The product is non-yellowing and U.V. resistant and can be used on both indoor and outdoor applications. While the product is heat resistant up to 155 deg C it must be noted that this is not sufficient to withstand hot-tyre pick-up, and for this reason the coating is not suitable for use on garage floors.

Spread Rate

Typically 8 – 10 sqm per litre is obtained.


Can be brush or mohair roller applied to dry cementitious surfaces. To achieve a highly durable finish on floor surfaces it is recommended that a minimum of two coats are applied. To ensure adequate penetration of the substrate, the first coat can be thinned by up to 5 % with xylene. Allow 8 hours drying time between coats.