Weatherprufe Tornado



WeatherPrufe TORNADO WATER-BASED DEGREASER:  An aqueous blend of surfactants formulated to remove oil and dirt from soiled surfaces.


  • Water-based thus no solvent odour
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Cost effective

Spread Rate

Amount required will depend entirely on the degree to which the surface is soiled. On galvanized roof sheets scrub the surface with stiff bristle or nylon brushes. Wash thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry before painting.


Can be used to clean a wide variety of substrates including floors, galvanized roofs, and walls, including the removal of borehole water stains on painted masonry, machinery and domestic appliances. Dilution of up to 1:10 is possible for lightly soiled objects. For oily floors and galvanized roofs it is recommend that the product be used undiluted. Spread rate dependant on level of soiled substrate. Undiluted, the typical spread rate achieved is 20 sqm per litre.

Approved by the Wine Industry