Weatherprufe Weatherbond Enhance



WeatherPrufe WEATHERBOND ENHANCE:  An acrylic dispersion designed for use in cementitious coatings. Provides a key on difficult substrates for subsequent plaster application.

It increases the water-repellency of the coating as well as improving adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexibility.


  • Easily incorporated into plaster mixes
  • Dramatically improves:
    • Water-proofing
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Flexibility of plasters
  • Provides a key between sound cement or painted substrates and plasters
  • Adheres to many substrates
  • May be over coated as soon as dry Water-based for user and environmentally friendly use

Spread Rate


To a standard 3:1 plaster mixture use WeatherBond Enhance at a rate of 5 litres per bag of cement when wetting the mix. The plaster is then applied in the conventional manner. Care should be taken to clean application implements immediately after use with clean water. In severe cases e.g. Balconies or underground structures, the mixing rate can be increased to 10 litres per bag of cement. Use to repair and fill cracks both smaller and larger than 5mm, not only improving the water-repellency and flexibility of the repair, this method also results in concealing the repaired area. Can be used with cement powder to seal ponds, dams, reservoirs and silo floors. Can be spray applied onto suitable prepared metal surfaces as a primer top coat (Interior of potable metal water tanks).  For this type of application the ratio of WeatherBond Enhance to cement should be 1:3. Add the cement powder to the WeatherBond Enhance with stirring and mix till a smooth paste is produced. For use as a key before application of plaster, apply direct to a sound surface (cement or painted substrate).  While still tacky, apply a cement/WeatherBond Enhance slurry and allow to dry.  Plaster the substrate.

Approved by the Wine Industry